is one of the world's largest manufacturing and researching center of industrial sewing machine, also is one of the earliest Chinese enterprise to research and manufacture high-end computerized industrial sewing machine.  So far, Hikari has already successfully developed the H8800-7C series high speed computerized automatic lockstitch machine.  HX6800 series super-high speed computerized overlock machine with automatic trimming.  H9180N highly integrated mechatronic computerized direct-drive lockstitch machine and other variety of the world's first created high-end products, to June 2013.  Every 10 units of computerized overlock machine sold in the world, 6 units are from Hikari HX6800 series.  


HIKARI world first direct drive computerized overlock machine first produced in 2009 has been recognized by the majority of foreign users with excellent sewing performance, human-oriented design and best efficiency ratio when being used in all kinds of clothing enterprises. 


During 2014 Shanghai Library Exhibition on June 30th, HX6800TA intelligent computerized overlock machine won "2014 Shanghai Light Industry Excellent Product Innovative Gold Award", with related competition of various industry association and business group.  Besides, HIKARI was awarded "2014 Shanghai Light Industry Excellent Innovative Enterprise Award" with outstanding innovative ability.  This honor is recognition of painstaking development for years and belongs to everyone in HIKARI.



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